I want a promotion.

administrative assistant wanting to get a promotion.
administrative assistant wanting to get a promotion.

I want more money, to grow my career, to be recognized for my contributions, to have more responsibility, to have my ideas heard, to have job I find fulfilling, to have more control over my time, to go from hourly to salary, to be less customer-facing.

You need an action plan to prepare yourself for upcoming vacancies that allows you to become the forerunner before the position is even posted. You need to show your interest, qualifications, and understanding of the role and to prepare for the unique challenges of internal interviews. You need to assess your leadership skills and accomplishments and get feedback on development opportunities.

1:1 coaching

  • Develop an understanding of the role, how it fits into the organization as a whole and identify your best examples that demonstrate how you are the best candidate.

  • Use a proven system for tailoring your resume and cover letter to the role, leaving no doubt that you are qualified for the position.

  • Develop a networking strategy so the decision makers and future team members are on your side.

  • Learn a structured approach to preparing for your internal interview, enabling you to show up confidently and prepared.

  • Understand total compensation and how to evaluate and negotiate offers.

  • Plan for your first 90-days so you start off your new career on a path to success

Details: Package includes three 60-minute sessions with a certified career coach. Package includes professionally edited resume, and cover letter, The Official Two-Hour Interview Prep Guide, a recorded mock interview with feedback, and ongoing support via weekly office hours. $350.

Fine print: Full-refund available until 24 hours before first scheduled session. 50% refund available between 1st and 2nd sessions. Sessions must be completed in six weeks unless extension is requested and agreed upon in writing.

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