I want a corporate job.

man working in a factory and planning his move to an office job.
man working in a factory and planning his move to an office job.

I want more money, consistent work hours, benefits and a 401K package, increased earning potential, more flexibility, less strain on my body, free weekends, paid time off, and career growth. I want to be successful and not live paycheck to paycheck.

You need a strong resume and cover letter that translates your skills into a new environment, an optimized LinkedIn profile, and a compelling interview answers that demonstrate how your qualifications and interpersonal skills are a perfect match. You need a plan to sustain momentum in your job search, an awareness of corporate compensation packages and negotiation practices, and a roadmap to help you start your corporate career off successfully.


Join up to 9 other job seekers to learn the best practices and strategies for finding your first corporate role. The focus of this workshop is on equipping you with the tools and skills needed to successfully navigate the job market.

  • Understand elements of a great resume and cover letter and the how to ensure your materials align with company's applicant tracking systems (ATS).

  • Identify the key components of a great LinkedIn profile and how recruiters use the platform to find talent.

  • Practice tailoring your resume to specific job applications.

  • Learn a proven method for successful interviewing and practice your 30-second commercial about who you are and the skills you bring.

  • Receive feedback and a personalized action plan ensuring you are on the right path.

Details: Workshops are 2.5 hours and include whole group instruction, breakout practice sessions, and 1:1 feedback from the coach. Participants are asked to submit career profile/resume upon registration. Receive written feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile, and get access to ongoing support via weekly office hours. $150

Fine print: Full-refund available 48 hours prior to session.

Next session: February 17th- 8:30-10:30 PST. Register below to reserve your spot. Confirmation and payment invoice will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Individual coaching

  • Craft application materials and an online presence so recruiters can find you and quickly understand how you experience aligns with their opening.

  • Use a proven system for tailoring your application materials to open positions, leaving no doubt that you are qualified for the position.

  • Develop a networking strategy so people know where you want to go and jump at the opportunity to help you be successful.

  • Create a go-to-market action plan, ensuring you are approaching your job search in an effective and sustainable manner.

  • Learn a structured approach to preparing for your interview, enabling you to show up confidently and prepared.

  • Understand total compensation and how to evaluate and negotiate offers.

  • Plan for your first 90-days so you start off your new career on a path to success

Details: Package includes three 60-minute sessions with a certified career coach. Package includes professionally edited resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, The Official Two-Hour Interview Prep Guide, a recorded mock interview with feedback, and ongoing support via weekly office hours. $350.

Fine print: Full-refund available until 24 hours before first scheduled session. 50% refund available between 1st and 2nd sessions. Sessions must be completed in six weeks unless extension is requested and agreed upon in writing.

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