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Say Goodbye to Nerves and Self-Doubt.

Lots of people think they are bad at interviewing: They are caught off guard by the questions, struggle to think of good examples, and suffer from brain freeze. They ramble or just trail off...

But here's the truth: It is not that you are bad at interviewing. You just aren't preparing correctly.

Take Audra for example. She got a call to schedule an interview and almost said no. She couldn’t handle the stress or the rejection. She was always surprised by the questions. She couldn’t think of examples on the spot. And she didn’t like to talk about herself for fear of coming across as arrogant or bragging.

How was she preparing for her interviews? She re-read her resume, laid out her clothes, packed her bag with a notebook and copy of her resume.

While she thought she was preparing, she wasn't doing anything to prepare for THIS INTERVIEW for THIS POSITION at THIS COMPANY.

We spent a couple of hours going through a simple system to get her prepared and feeling confident. (Spoiler alert: She got the job.)

Interview Insider: Proceed with Confidence works. Not because we are amazing but because you are amazing. You wouldn't have an interview if they didn't think you could do the job. You simply need some help showcasing their skills and qualifications.

Some people are naturally good at interviewing but a lot of us aren’t. And those who are good at it? They aren’t necessarily the most qualified candidate. They’re just the ones who talk the best game.

Losing out at a job because you aren’t good interviewing is horrible. We’re here to prevent that.

And that’s why you need our simple, 7-step process for preparing for your interview.

What you get with Interview Insider: Proceed with Confidence

  • Appear prepared and motivated using a structured way to familiarize yourself with the company and the work.

  • Anticipate the questions they will ask through a simple, tried and true method. No more being caught off guard or stumbling to come up with an example.

  • Identify your best examples and qualifications, and learn the secret to making your answers meaningful and memorable.

  • Come off articulate and clear, and keep your nerves in check,

  • Bonus: Troubleshooting your Interview Frustrations: Expert tips for overcoming common job search obstacles.

Interviewer Insider: Proceed with Confidence. A 7 step process to get you ready for your interview.
Interviewer Insider: Proceed with Confidence. A 7 step process to get you ready for your interview.

3 hours & $10 investment = Feel confident and ready to ace your interview

Important: This isn't a book. It's a workbook. You will have work to do in each of the 7 steps.

Follow the process and get your job.

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